Review - Eddie Chong's WCKFS DVD 2 - Chum Kiu

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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What it’s about:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong, demonstrates and provides a detailed breakdown of Wing Chun Kung Fu’s second from, Chum Kiu or seeking the bridge.


This DVD’s format and presentation style is the same as for Master Sifu Chong’s production on Sil Nim Tao and is also part of a four volume companion set. Again, this series is a presentation of Ip Man’s “Hong Kong” Style of Wing Chun, although this is not said.  If you have seen the “Chinese” system of mainland China or “Faht Shan” kung Fu you certainly know what I mean.  But, isn’t Hong Kong Chinese? Oh’ let’s not even go there…subject wise that is!

There are differences in this form which one might say shows Chong’s influence from the “Fhat Shan” style.  The variations, however, are minor. For example, in the second part of the form he does not use the turning sequence as exhibited, by other WC Ip Man style Sifu’s. Chong instead after the first kick steps down into n what looks like a bow stance and then turns back into an empty stance with a Bong Sau hand.  Generally, though the form in principle is the same.

Of particular value in Chongs teaching style he watches closely at what each student does and corrects them, however, he goes beyond just the straight forward explanation of a technique.  There are a number of options which might be used for a given situation.  It’s clear in his demonstration that one might explore a number of techniques in one’s practice, which are derived from the basic movements of the form, but one should not get stuck in the form itself.  It is free flowing in reality and adjusts to the situation or circumstances in which it is used.

This DVD again, for its length in running time presents a lot of good instructional information, particularly in regard to the use of technique. Master Sifu Chong talks about what he is doing and it’s important in what he does…as far as pedagogy, for western students being auditory digitally biased, they usually have to HEAR it a number of times before getting the concept.  Martial arts is primarily a kinesthetic experience, don’t forget the feel in how the technique is done.  This is an excellent DVD which should augment any ones training in the second form of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chum Kiu.

Technical Specifications:
Title: Wing Chun Kung Fu system – Chum Kiu
Presenters: Eddie Chong
Region:  all
Number of disc:  1
Length:  00:30.00
Language:  English

Rating scale 1-5:
DVD rating: 4 out of 5
Production Quality: 3.5
Sound Quality: 4
Video Quality: 3.5
Material covered: 5
Instructional qualities: 5

Content Overview of: Wing Chun Kung Fu – Chum Kiu

  1. Introduction
    1. Training and Background of Master Sifu Eddie Chong
    2. Some recommendations and cautionary notes
    3. Full demonstration of the Chum Kiu form- Seeking the Bridge.
  2. Student Critique
    1. Student evaluation 1.
      1. First Section of form
      2. Basic applications
      3. Defense against an over extended punch
      4. Turning using a Double Lan Sau hand
      5. The Bong Sau and the Wu Sau hand
      6. Facing the opponent in application of technique
      7. Using the upward Wu Sau hand
      8. Using the elbow strike
      9. The elbow as a "third" hand
      10. Hitting with the elbow-inter and out bridge
      11. Using the snake and crane technique
      12. Using the Bil Sau hand
      13. Pulling down and punching
      14. Using a palm strike
    2. Student Evaluation 2.
      1. Second section of form
      2. Basic applications
      3. Being grabbed, Bong Sau application and turning
      4. Slipping in the Palm strike and controlling the opponents arm
    3. Student Evaluation 3.
      1. Third Section of form
      2. Basic applications
      3. Variations on the Double Bong Sau
      4. Turning and using the Wu Sau hand and Palm strike
      5. Front choke defense, splitting the hold, grabbing while rotating the arms.
      6. Straight kick defenses
      7. Inside and outside block kick
      8. Kicking defense and combination hands
      9. Inside and outside crescent kick defense
  3. Repeat of second form "Chum Kiu"
    1. Full demonstration: Master Sifu Eddie Chong

Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: 12/20/2011
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