Posted By : Thomas Pinheiro
Date: Oct 10, 2013

There are hundreds of styles currently divided into two categories, external and internal , this, however, is somewhat related, because , although different characteristics are always present having an amount to be present in larger or smaller , or and in some styles , more evenly as in Wing Chun. When looking for a martial art style to practice , there are many interests that can boost this demand . Ranging from the search for an effective defense , seeking self -affirmation , an application to sports or real defense. It is common for teenagers who have the need to vent primitive impulses such as aggression and defiance . Or in another situation , security professionals and individuals interested in their own security ; concerned with the social chaos in which we live today. Others may be seeking martial art as a physical activity , aimed at provide an optimization of the physical, with aerobic and anaerobic work . Also there is an important need as the pursuit of a balanced state of mind that provides the requirements of physical exercise , self control of the body and an improvement in emotional control , concentration and elimination of stress . Consider as the third source that drives the search for an art practice , the accumulation of new knowledge , culture , leisure , hobby. The sum of these interests to their own psychic constitution , biological and social will provide choice, practical and perhaps the condition of reaching a higher level in the practice of martial art chosen . From the point of view of the demand for self defense training should show results , and so the application is critical , there is no by much , in order to settle in theory , it comes with daily practice and the ability to perceive the student. What good talk , write on a whiteboard or think to train this or that style and for having trained or train with this or that master or teacher , these factors alone will afford a functional learning . Let's say that this would be the hard side , aggressive martial art and how both can be represented with Yang . From the standpoint of physical and mental activity , the student will have a confrontation with oneself, their physical and psychological limitations . A common example is the individual who decides to train Wing Chun ; imagine that being physically fit and it is believed with full capacity to assimilate to be forwarded to . However , with the floor of the training that individual is perceived overly tense and struggling to accept criticism and guidance of the teacher. Your muscles do not help and coordination dynamics techniques , tension , most of the times comes from the psyche of the individual , which also impede learning are commonly unwittingly by the individual are denied . Deems himself superior evaluating the issue of physical size , distance makes the technical issue which allows well trained better use , a higher accumulation of energy, an ability to overcome obstacles that often could not. The psychological is important because it directly influences the obtaining and use technical , including , breathing , coordination , speed, power , perception. This ends up being a workout just as hard as the point of view of the defense, but he will be responsible for the improvement of the individual in a real application . Is the representation of the Yin . The confrontation between the warrior spirit , aggressive , with self -control , inner peace , form a dynamic present in the individual as well as yin and yang ( opposing forces ) present in the universe , at times one prevails over the other , but are always present , seeking a balance . The significance of seeking training as an art refers to seeking something dynamic , complex, with theories and rules that facilitate learning and maintenance of art practiced from generation to generation . The study of what is learned is contained within the formula and allows initial learning new discoveries and uses. It's like life , constantly moving and it means just never learn. So what would be the best reason that leads the individual to practice the martial art ? Using the example of the style of kung fu , Wing Chun Kuen , which I practice , I believe that any form is valid , but when entering in training the student should gradually ascend itself needs and discoveries which initially did not have , ie , there is a complement in every way , as a fighter , as a social individual , as a person , more balanced and responsible for their actions . Having the end the conscience of an art is like owning a treasure for the rest of my life , and besides maintaining , let a day pass to another who deserves it . In broader terms , the practice of Wing Chun Kuen to go beyond the own style , because when reaching a certain technical level , which initially had the form , no longer presents more " fashion " , instead of presenting the best solutions in practice, however the essence , the initial theory remains intact , and continue to prevail .