Posted By : Thomas Pinheiro
Date: Oct 10, 2013

INTERVIEW WITH MASTER LO SIU CHUNG. By Thomas Pinheiro. Master Lo , you could tell about his early training in Wing Chun and how was the workout routine with Master Wong Greco ? Thomas Lo : I started in 1965 , when I started college in Hong Kong , Wong Greco was a student of the department of business administration , I was a freshman and he was very friendly with all other people liked to play with it ( try to touch it ) , knowing that he was very good at kung fu . He had charisma in college . Knowing that he practiced kung fu I approached him and found that he was an expert in Wing Chun Kuen . I asked if I could teach , at first he did not take me seriously but then really accepted me as his disciple . Soon after two or three people in another department also asked to train . Practiced in a small room of the union of our course in college , it was all day , more or less three hours , sometimes more . Had no right time because sometimes a space of class time , also practiced . We discussed about training with other people from other departments who trained wing chun or other styles . Greco Wong had previous experience in the styles of Tai Chi Chuan and Pak Hok then explained about other styles and how Wing Chun would use defenses and attacks .     Because he decided to practice Wing Chun instead of investing in styles of Kung Fu practiced already ? Thomas Lo : There was seriously practiced other styles , learning just blows with the intention of fighting in the street , despite discipline at home because my father was a soldier , and not recommending me to train kung fu because he did not want me to have gotten into trouble. Also it was difficult to find good teachers , even then . Each style has a system , and each style has its own art . I was interested in Wing Chun due to the study of the economy of movement, technical efficiency , health and discipline .   Somehow , their learning kung fu and previous or subsequent to the Wing Chun can influence the techniques you learned from Master Wong Greco ? Thomas Lo : When I worked with Greco Wong , he first asked them to forget what had already trained to not catch the vices of another workout . Second , they had enjoyed the knowledge to application study of Wing Chun . Knowing the characteristic style of another , but the most important is to focus on one thing , getting perfect is what solves , learn a lot and do not work, so why learn? For one thing you need to learn , humility fiber. Better to have quality than quantity . Having a teacher of truth to guide correctly is critical . Typically , we begin a long walk , we are guided by someone who has walked the path before us. Master Lo who you had as a reference in the martial arts when he was about to take the first steps ? If someone had , and one could say today that achieved its main objective ? It was something to do ?  Thomas Lo : I have , in my time we had no media to create inspirations , more was learned by necessity, more to show , want to win with his own knowledge with technique. That time as well as defense and health training to occupy the time . There was so much to do or distractions , it was just another activity . Experiencing a respectful relationship with the teacher, as a relationship with his own father . Formerly in generations as the great master Yip Man , is that the parents took the child to take lessons with the master . In the master trust . Still to train would be on his knees at the foot of the master . I never had the thought of reaching a point of learning. My colleagues and I decided to just keep the time , living with the master , it was something personal satisfaction plus personal characteristic and mental for choice.   What led you to come to Brazil Master Lo ?  Thomas Lo : After graduating without life experience practice , professional , and willing to leave Hong Kong , tried scholarships in the U.S. and Canada , but it would take another year for me to get jobs , so I took idleness , had a godfather who was in Hong Kong and was established in Brazil in the city of Amparo . I ended up deciding to travel then visit Brazil . I made a boat trip , more or less 50 days, stopping at various ports . Even without a word of Portuguese , and with a suitcase , a backpack , a guitar and a few tools , I ended up down in Brazil .    How were the classes in Kung Fu Academy in China compared to classes in Brazil ?  Thomas Lo : In Hong Kong , there were many people , it was no time , the gym was open all the time , when the master was not always had a graduate student . Generally has two types of academia, business , and teach what you pay for and ask . The other type, which considers family, rigid discipline , the student is solving the problems of the master . Student is different disciple. Student is what pays only disciple is his godson . The academies in Brazil are more organized in relation to standardization , the teachings and methods .   In Brazil , which sought to develop more in their classes Wing Chun ?  Thomas Lo : I do not live with lesson learned for me , had no idea teach someday. But when I decided to teach frankly never had financial return , technically I've always tried to teach sensitivity , flexibility , power internal energy work . What are the differences in theory of the three stages of training Wing Chun ( siu lim tau , chum kiu , bue tze ) and and talk a little about how they can complement each other ?  Thomas Lo : Siu Lim Tau means little idea , little idea , the idea of ​​beginning , purely technical to develop basic theory , developing natural movement that has lost on a daily basis . Example : posture shoulder , spine, combined with the natural movements of the human being .  Chum Kiu : means seeking the opponent's bridge , bridge ( transmission of the opponent's strength ) looks , feels, takes to pass against him . Need the basics and more sensitivity , power , flexibility. Bue Tze : toes means flying to the opponent , and attacks are considered to save their life. The correlation between them is like mathematics or linguistics , etc ... Depends on the basics to develop, calculations logically , or sentences with verb agreement , etc. ....   What is the importance of practicing chi sau ?  Thomas Lo : The importance is to develop sensitivity , flexibility , concentration for defense and offense .   What is the contribution of the practice of Wing Chun practitioner to physical ?  Thomas Lo : Based on natural movement , posture practiced in Wing Chun and develop physically , is also linked to internal practice , the " chi " to health , conservation and increased energy . Relaxation means relieve tension , anxiety . In the right posture increases emotional control , focus , you learn to send in your own body . In correct posture , blood circulation is correct . Entails overall benefit to the organs and regulates itself when you have chronic health problem , guidance on some cases .        Some reason still in shape or techniques Bue Tze currently be teaching closed, even with all the media on the subject exist ? Thomas Lo : It used to be considered a family secret , never left the family techniques , had also another name the bue tze , translating that was hit to save his life . Okay , today you see in the videos , the books , but if the person does not train , no value movements , need to work because the person has prior knowledge , technical background , need to learn technical level bue tze . You must be controlling body , emotional also , if not, get hurt or hurt others without any responsibility . If today you were a layman in martial arts and had someone looking to train as you Master Lo be oriented to succeed in your choice? Thomas Lo: Choosing what and with whom to train is like a marriage, you choose and be chosen. And has not the right time, can last forever, you can have a good time. Nobody sets. Example, you idealizes the perfect woman, but not for you, or is not you home. Fits you or not for you. Another example, how to buy a shoe, you will find the model, color, like, think very beautiful but does not have his number. Find style or master to learn, it is natural, consider a person, place, time, day that is sure to fit. There may be something forced. But worth statement, recommendation from someone who takes it seriously is not very popular.