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School Name Head Sifu Country State Citysort descending Website Updated date
Ving Tsun K.C.K Athletic Association Kong Chi-Keung 江志強 Hong Kong S.A.R., China Wan Chai Hong Kong Island Wanchai Jul 13, 2011
Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic Association Ko Kin Ng Hong Kong S.A.R., China Wanchai Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic Jul 14, 2011
Syma Yen Ving Tsun Kuen Tientihui Bolan Guan Dr. Janusz Szymankiewicz Poland Warsaw Aug 14, 2020
Practical Self Defense Training Center Andrew Di Guiseppi United States Connecticut Waterbury Practical Self Defense Training Center Sep 16, 2011
Australian WingTsun Organisation Stefan Fischer Australia New South Wales Waterloo Australian WingTsun Organisation Jul 11, 2011
Derek Fung Wing Chun Derek Fung (Fung Ping Bor) Australia New South Wales Wentworth Point Aug 21, 2012
Qian Li Dao Academy Dana Wong Australia Victoria Werribee Jun 25, 2011
WT Chicago Self-Defense Academy Ingo Weigel United States California West Hollywood WT Chicago Self-Defense Academy Jul 9, 2011
Wichita Falls Ving Tsun Kuen Hok Academy Scott Kingston United States Texas Wichita Falls Jul 1, 2013
Wu-Te Akademie Mukatder Gül Ph. D. Germany Hessen Wiesbaden Die Wu-Te Akademie in Mainz und Wiesbaden Jul 6, 2011