Wing Chun Jing Jung Association

Wing Chun Jing Jung Association

Head Instructor: Marvon Wilkinson

Website: Wing Chun Jing Jung Association

Phone: 1-647-618-4399

Address 1: Gerrard Street, (Gerrard & Bayview)

Address 2:

City: Toronto

State/Provience: ON

Country: CA

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Wing Chun Kung Fu is renowned worldwide for its simplicity, directness and effectiveness. The Wing Chun Martial Art originated from the Shaolin Temple in China, and went through two notable historical changes/ improvements. The first in Fat Shan, China by LEUNG Jan and the second in Hong Kong by YIP Man.

Our school is a place where students want to come and learn Wing Chun in its pure and authentic form,Jing Jung.

Sifu NG Chun Hon's Wing Chun is of a unique essence, and it is this very same authentic Wing Chun that is taught at the WCJJA.

At the WCJJA, we aim to provide each student with a safe and enjoyable environment where everyone, irrespective of status or ability, is valued as an individual.

We are committed to teaching NG Chun Hong Wing Chun to sincere, dedicated, enthusiastic and diligent students.

At the WCJJA, we also aim to provide a structured teaching curricula aimed to develop the individual's potential to the maximum.