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School Name Head Sifu Country State City Website Updated datesort descending
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Philippines Rhea Torres Castro Philippines Angeles City Jun 12, 2021
Functional Wing Chun Kung Fu Philippines Peter O'Kelly Philippines Angeles City Jun 12, 2021
Lea Lu Wing Chun Kung Fu Lea Lu Philippines Zambales Olongapo Jun 12, 2021
DuPage WingTsun Brian Carter United States Illinois Lisle DuPage WingTsun Logo Jun 17, 2021
Flecken Wing Chun Heinz-Josef Flecken Germany Jun 20, 2021
ASSOCIAÇÃO TIGRE DE KUNG FU (A T K F) Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association Brazil Mato Grosso Cuiabá Jun 21, 2021
WSL VT club Beimo Stefan Kunev Bulgaria Sofia WSL VT club Beimo with sifu David Peterson Jun 30, 2021
The Wing Chun Club Kung Fu Sunny Parekh India Gujarat Ahmedabad Aug 4, 2021
The Dragon Institute Adam Williss United States California Dana Point Night View of The Dragon Institute Aug 4, 2021
WingTsun Genève Jonction Giuseppe Schembri Switzerland Geneva Genève WingTsun Genève Aug 22, 2021