Renzo's Wing Chun Workshop

Renzo's Wing Chun Workshop, Balance Health and Fitness

Head Instructor: Renzo Tat

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung

Website: Renzo's Wing Chun Workshop

Phone: 44-20-8659-4513

Address 1: 2-4 Albany Court, Newlands Park Sydenham

Address 2:

City: London


Country: GB

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Logical, precise, functional & Fun ​ Wing Chun is a unique method of the martial arts from Southern China. A martial art based on both modern and classical scientific principles, developed to promote optimum health, fitness and self-defense, not winners in sporting events. This lineage of Wing Chun was developed by Grandmaster Yip Man (mentor to the actor and martial artist Bruce Lee), through Master Wong Shun Leong to Master Nino Bernardo to me; and is famous as being one of the most straight forward and efficient martial arts systems. Wing Chun’s natural easy to learn sequential movements maximize your body’s force producing capabilities, but more importantly, they increase opportunities to enhance your health. Training is undertaken in private groups allowing for a high level of supervision and development. Wing Chun is based on Intention, Correct Structure and Economy of Motion.