Columbia University Moy Yee Kung Fu

Head Instructor: Henry Moy Yee

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Moy Yat

Website: Columbia University Moy Yee Kung Fu


Address 1: 605-615 W 115th St

Address 2:

City: New York

State/Provience: NY

Country: US

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INSTRUCTORS Sifu David Yee Pak has studied Ving Tsun, Tai Chi (Yang and Chen styles), weaponry, Shaolin Fist, and the kung fu lifestyle under Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee since 2000. He has served as a Senior Instructor at the Moy Yee Kung Fu headquarters in Brooklyn as well as at the Moy Yee Kung Fu Club at Columbia University for fifteen years. Sifu Yee Pak was a judge during Moy Yee San Jong promotion tests as well as Siu Lim Tau competitions. He has assisted Grandmaster Moy Yee during seminars in Brooklyn College and St. Joseph's College. Sifu Yee Pak's other martial arts experiences include Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai. He is also a certified personal trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Senior Instructor Chris Yee Ting began his Martial Arts journey in 1983, practicing Karate and Aikido, and he first discovered Wing Chun in 1989. He was instantly attracted to its concept-based system and simplicity. When he moved to New York he met and became a disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee, and has been a part of Columbia University Moy Yee Kung Fu Club since 2009. His curriculum include Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Shaolin and various weapons, and he works to express the traditional Chinese Kung Fu life. On several occasions Chris has served as a judge during Moy Yee San Jong promotion tests, and he also holds a number of certifications as a licensed FEDA Personal Trainer. OUR LINEAGE The Moy Yee Kung Fu Club was founded by Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee. Grandmaster Moy Yee studied Ving Tsun for almost 60 years under Grandmaster Moy Yat. In addition, Grandmaster Moy Yee has studied various systems and styles under many respected Sifus whose expertise includes: Tai Chi Quan, Shaolin Quan, various forms of traditional and non traditional Chinese weaponry. With over sixty years of Kung Fu training, Grandmaster Moy Yee has committed much of his life to the study of martial arts and shares his teachings with the world. He founded his school, Moy Yee San Jong, in 1996 as a place for students to attain high-level knowledge of martial arts. The name “San Jong” translates to “Mountain Estate,” and references the historical practice of training kung fu in solitude to achieve great physical, intellectual, and spiritual knowledge. The Moy Yee Kung Fu Club at Columbia University continues in the teachings and traditions taught by Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee.