Wing Chun learning journey

Date: Feb 27, 2021
In traditional Chinese culture, excellent martial arts mostly taught to rich people. People with average income or lower income could not afford to hire a knowledgeable instructor. Nowadays, most martial arts schools charge a lot of fee to their students. It can be a burden for certain individual that wish to learn but not financially wealthy. Another concern is most of the schools are commercial, a new participant has no clue to identify which schools or instructors are teaching the right knowledge. If the school is commercial, the teaching program for student will be prolong to be as long as possible, so that the school can extract more money from the student. Wing Chun learning journey is a painful one. The pain here is not referring to physical, but rather it take few years for students to be finally able to realize if their instructor is passing on the real Wing Chun skills and knowledge. When the students stuck at learning plateau for quite sometime, and the instructor is unable to offer any direction continuously (usually these instructor will ask students to try this and that, or avoid explanation), many students "may" find it fishy and start to wonder if himself is the problem. Seldom the student will question the problem is actually from the source: the instructor. For those students who awake and discover what they learned have something missing. Most of them will give up due to: A) they cannot find the right person to assist them or B) The muscle memory can be extremely difficult to fix... In simple English: an old habit is extremely hard to change. My objective is rather simple: To show the right person the Wing Chun path I know. In affordable tuition rate. For those who qualify, I will not hold back to pass on the knowledge. You will be able to complete the program with a year or 2.