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Kenny Lee 李詩樂

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Kenny 詩樂 Lee 李

  • Years in Wing Chun : 24
  • Is a Sifu: Yes

about me

My name is Kenny Lee.  Just like most people, I have a regular job which required me to work 40 hours a week.  Besides that, I spend my spare time to enjoy life by doing what I like or pursuit of my passion: teaching Wing Chun martial art.    The martial art style I participate in is officially called Guangzhou Wing Chun (GZWC) or Yuen Kay-Shan Wing Chun (aka Sum Nung Wing Chun as well as Foshan Wing Chun).  I learn this art since 1996 in Canada with my sifu Joesph Chow, and I promise him that I will pass it on to next generation.  Now that he has passed away, I am fulfilling my promise by teaching individual who wish to learn this art.  Another reason that compels me to teach GZWC is that most Wing Chun schools in the market are quite commercial.  The main objective of these schools is after profit.  Moreover, the skills these schools pass on to students often not quite logical and practical in my opinion.  Therefore, I wish to promote and hopefully pass on the value I believed in to as much people as I can within my power.  在這先自我介紹,大家好! 我的中文名字叫李詩樂,朋友們都喊我英文名叫Kenny。我於1990年從香港移居加拿大安省,一直在大多市生活至今,已有30年。跟大部分人一樣有份每週上班40小時的工作。閒時享受生活及教授我熱愛的武術: 廣州詠春拳。 廣州詠春拳,又名阮奇山詠春或岑能詠春 (亦有人稱佛山詠春拳)。1996年,在士嘉堡經朋友介紹下,跟隨周國泰師傅學習本門詠春。並承諾師傅會薪火相傳。如今先師駕鶴西去,吾則履行與師之約,將廣州詠春拳承傳下去。 另一支持我教拳的原因源於當今詠春武術界過於商業化。很多學店為了增加利益收入,拖長學生學習時間,原本一年半的課程,要用上四到五年去完成。而且拳法内容很多不合邏輯拳理。要知道"差之毫厘,謬之千里"。詠春拳乃埋身短打,稍有差池,後果堪虞。 因此,吾欲盡一已之力,希望把自己認為正確的詠春拳學習方向傳給有緣人。 LINEAGE: Ng Mui (Female, Buddhist nun, Mid 1700s) > Miu, Shun (Male, Monk) > Yim, Yee (Male, Tofu shop owner) > Yim, Wing-Chun (Female, Yim Yee's daughter) > Leung, Bok-Lao (Male, Yim Wing Chun's husband) > Painted Face Kam (Male, Opera actor, ~1855) > Fung, Siu-Ching (Male, Imperial Marshal, 1900s) > Yuen, Kay-San (Male, Lawyer, 1889 - 1956) + Cheung, Bo (Cook) > Sum, Nung (Male, Osteopath, 1925 - 2002) > Kwok, Wan-Ping (Male, Wrestling athlete, 1939 - Present) > Joseph Chow (Male, Teacher, 1960 - 2016) > Kenny Lee (Male, Management, 1972 - Present) > Website (Chinese): Website (English):

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