Meditation / Qi Gong

Posted By : Michel Boulet
Date: Aug 27, 2014

                                             Meditation / Qi Gong


All martial artists are always looking for ways to improve their power and technique. It perfectly makes sense but what about the most important weapon any living being can possess ?...


The awareness, the capacity of being able not to react, but to be able to act in accordance to the situation in happening. To control things instead of being controlled by them. There are a few ways to obtain this skill but there is one that is included right there in the forms and into the Chi Sao exercise if we want to practice it.


We can use the forms and Chi Sao as meditation to greatly enhance our WCK and it takes only a little self- discipline to do it.


The trick is to be completely into what we are doing now, to calmly observe the movements and the present situation. It becomes possible, with a little practice to silence the ever galloping mental who is always in the past or future and who is really an obstruction to the intuitive response and relaxed force issuing.


Technically, it would be wise to avoid any jerked or stiff movements in the forms. All that is focused into the result (future)of an action to the point of being unconscious of its totality is wasted practice time. Learn to relax and to be aware.