Internal / External bodies of Wing Chun.

Posted By : Michel Boulet
Date: Mar 16, 2014

 Siu Lim Tao is the foundation of the whole system of Wing Chun and it is a very deep one.

The first part of the form: “Som Bai Fut” is the process in which what could be called the internal body of Wing Chun is built. The Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma stance with its proper body alignment is in itself a good Qi-Gong exercise but it gets to another level when combined with the slow and controlled hand motions.

This process is what provides the unique internal activation of Wing Chun. This concerns power as well as awareness. The next two parts of the form as well as the balance of the whole system (Chum Kiu, Biu Gee, Mok Jong, etc…) could be considered as “San Sik” or applications. This material constitutes the external body of the system.

It is only logical to conclude that a good balance of the two sides of the system will have good chances of producing good results.