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School Name Head Sifu Country State Citysort descending Website Updated date
SIU NIM TAO Spain Alicante Alicante Grupo compañeros Sep 20, 2011
Wing Chun Wuyi Spain Alicante May 19, 2017
Wing Chun Kung Fu Biro Francisc Romania Ambient Jul 23, 2011
Ving Tsun Kung Fu Amersfoort Barnoud Vos Netherlands Noord Holland Amersfoort Ving Tsun Kung Fu Amersfoort Jul 18, 2012
IWKA HQ Sergio P. Iadarola Netherlands Amsterdam IWKA HQ Jul 20, 2011
Wing Chun Academy Amsterdam Dennis Janssen Netherlands Noord Holland Amsterdam Jul 21, 2011
Jing Wu Yong Chun Quan Benno L. Westra Netherlands Amsterdam Jing Wu Yong Chun Quan Jul 20, 2011
Sifu Rick's Wing Chun Kung Fu Rick Cantrell Philippines Angeles Mar 5, 2021
Functional Wing Chun Kung Fu Glenda Leung Philippines Pampanga Angeles City Mar 5, 2021
Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu Pampanga - Orphaned (Teacher not in the Database) Philippines Angeles City Apr 2, 2017