Tao Chan Wing Chun Organisation

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Head Instructor: Rene Steininger

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Ip Chun

Website: Tao Chan Wing Chun Organisation

Phone: (++49) (0) 911 / 2379158

Address 1: Frankenstrasse 152

Address 2:

City: Nuernberg

State/Provience: BY

Country: DE

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The Tao Chan Wing Chun Organisation re-unites first time since the South Shaolin Monastery burned down 350 years ago the Original Ip Man lineage with the Shaolin Chan lineage under Venerable Chi Sim, Zen Master and Abbot. Venerable Chi Sim, who got his name by the Supreme Patriarch of Chan to remember the last South Shaolin Abbot Chi Sim to reinsert Buddhist values and compassion in modern Wing Chun is a student of the oldest son of Grandmaster Ip Man since 1996 as well as a direct disciple of the Chan Patriarch Venerable Master J. Park. Tao Chan Wing Chun includes the unchanged traditional Wing Chun handed down by Sifu Ip Chun to Venerable Chi Sim improved by the traditional internal knowledge of Shaolin Chan. It also includes Chinese philosophy like Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. Different to many Wing Chun Organization, the Tao Chan Wing Chun Organizations main target is not to ger as much students as possible and earn a lot of money but to improve peoples personality and life, improve society and help the people to use martial arts for the benefit of all humans. Tao Chan Wing Chun focus strongly on discipline, traditional ethical rules but also adapts modern science especially in teaching and so follows Bruce Lees advise to respect tradition, but not to be a slave to it. As one of the few Wing Chun systems Tao Chan Wing Chun includes the groundfighting lost in traditional Wing Chun as well as the former South Shaolin long sharp Double Knifes and South Shaolin Armor. It has further in the higher levels added modern applications of the old weapon forms. The Tao Chan Wing Chun Organisation has its headquarters in Hong Kong and Germany and runs schools worlwide, with the main schools in Hong Kong and Nurmberg as well as Munich in Germany.