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School Name Head Sifu Country State City Website Updated datesort descending
Ving Tsun USA Kevin Gledhill United States New York Brooklyn Jun 30, 2018
Ng Ying Kung Fu Apeldoorn Patrick van Steen 'Long Feng' Netherlands Gelderland Apeldoorn Ng Ying Kung Fu Apeldoorn Jul 12, 2018
Yip Family Wing Chun Terence Yip (Yip Pui) United States New York New York City Jul 26, 2018
Canton Wing Chun Alton Miller United States Virginia Fairfax Sum Nung, Kwok Wan Ping, Chun Ming Lee & Sifu Alton Miller Jul 29, 2018
Coiling Dragon Kung-fu/Wu-Shu Studio Mark Lee Pringle United States Ohio Girard Coiling Dragon Kung-Fu Ohio Aug 2, 2018
The Wing Chun Institute Jay Kennedy United States South Carolina Charleston Aug 13, 2018
Kung Fu Center Xuangui Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association Bulgaria Sofia Aug 23, 2018
韓國 趙準 詠春 Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Gai-Man) South Korea Busan Metropolitan City Busan Logo of 趙準's school Sep 15, 2018
KUNG FU WUPPERTAL Manni Wellmann Germany Wuppertal Sep 25, 2018
William Lai Wing Chun Kung Fu William Lai United Kingdom South Yorkshire Sheffield William Lai Wing Chun Kung Fu Dec 1, 2018