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School Name Head Sifu Country Statesort descending City Website Updated date
NZ WING CHUN Kevin Earle New Zealand Christchurch NZ WING CHUN Jul 19, 2011
Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic Association Ko Kin Ng Hong Kong S.A.R., China Wanchai Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic Jul 14, 2011
France Wing Chun Lionel Roulier France Bagnolet Jul 2, 2011
Samlau Wing Chun Keun Do Chris Thompson United Kingdom Southend-on-Sea Essex Jul 28, 2011
Barcelona Wing Chun David Robinson Spain Barcelona Sep 18, 2020
Defence Academy Arjan Ruinard Netherlands Poeldijk Defence Academy Jul 20, 2011
John Agar Schools of Self-Defence John Agar United Kingdom North East of England John Agar Schools of Self-Defence Jul 28, 2011
Wing Chun Gung Fu Thessaloniki "Dioscuri" Chris Vafiadis Greece Thessaloniki Oct 23, 2020
Associatie Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Robert Vogel Jr. Netherlands Den Haag Associatie Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Jul 21, 2011
KUNG FU WUPPERTAL Manni Wellmann Germany Wuppertal Sep 25, 2018