Ah Loong

Ah Loong

Head Instructor: Ah Loong

Website: Wing Chun Kung Fu

Phone: 44-78-0359-0453

Address 1: East London (E16 Area)

Address 2:



Country: GB

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Our purpose is solely to pass on the art and, as such, we are not a profit making school. The classes are held once a week and we are relatively a very small group. No membership fees or specific uniform are required; only an open mind and an eagerness to learn are the prerequisites. We also very much expect the students to train between lessons. Once a week is not enough and we expect the student to develop the self-discipline require for Martial Arts by training on their own. Individual Students' progress is checked on an ongoing basis. There are no "grading" type tests; new elements are added to the individual student's training as and when they develop their skills.