Review of Joseph Lee's Attack and Counter Attack DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: June 27, 2010

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Technical Specifications:

Title: Attack and Counter Attack
Presenter: Joseph Lee
Region:  all
Number of disc:  1
Production Quality: 4 /5
Length: 01:16:00
Language:  English
Sound Quality: 5/5
Video Quality: 4/5
Material covered: 5/5
Instructional qualities: 5/5

What it's about:

This DVD covers the basic techniques of Wing Chun Kung Fu, demonstrating the potential of the system's attacks and counter attacks while showing its training methods in the Chi Sao, and the relevant application of its locks (Chin Na), take downs and leg work.


Sifu Joseph Lee's, instructional DVD contains a wealth of information on Wing Chun's fighting system. It's really not intended for the beginner; one must at least have a basic understanding of the system's associated forms and principles to appreciate what's there.

The viewer's menu for this DVD is well organized and provides a convenient way to navigate through the various parts of its listed topical instructional categories and their sub-menus. For example, the first menu item is listed as "First Principles," and its submenu list three topics associated with this first category, such as: 1. Bong Sao, 2. Pac Sao, 3. Huen Sao. Each segment is properly labeled and professionally narrated. The viewer will certainly appreciate the value of its instructional scenes which are demonstrated at regular speed and in slow motion.

For the novice Wing Chun practitioner, one can readily see the versatility of the system's use of the hands as they are combined with complex movements of specific techniques. Perhaps the most difficult techniques to use are those associated with throwing the opponent to the ground. The disabling maneuvers of the hands in Wing Chun certainly make it easier to employ a throw, but don't let Sifu Lee's ability fool you in thinking that it can be easily done. It takes sensitivity and knowing how to properly leverage your body and movement to make the application an effortless one. Knowing how to properly throw an opponent, is perhaps more difficult than punching or kicking. One's sense of timing is crucial in the application of throws. Perhaps, what should be remembered is that any throwing technique can be reversed, just as there are reversals or counter attacks for the hand techniques in Wing Chun applications.

For those curious individuals who wish to know; the same techniques used in throwing can be seen in Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese wrestling. One should look for the common thread that runs through all of them that make them work regardless of the style's origins or tradition.

I would consider this DVD as a valuable resource which exhibits Wing Chun's diverse applications in the use of the hands and feet. The application of counter attacks one may use to specific kinds of "hands" applied in Chi Sao are of particular interest as well as its demonstration of Chin Na and use of the shoulder as a devastating weapon of one's body. This DVD by Joseph Sifu Lee is an above average production for all the information it contains and it would be an excellent investment to any DVD collection on Wing Chun instruction.

Content Overview:


  • Introduction
    • Demonstration of Wing Chun's diverse Attack and Defend techniques'
    • Seven categories of principles and applications
    • Preview: What's next in Sifu Lee's DVD training series?
  • First Principles
    • Bong lap Sao
    • Pac Sao
    • Huen Sao
  • Chi Sao
    • Single hand Chi Sao
    • Double hand using the single hand sequence
    • Techniques of the double hand Chi Sao
    • Chi Sao counters
      • The Pac Sao counter
      • The Wu Sao counter
      • The Tan Sao trap counter
  • Drills
    • Getting to the outside
    • Pac Sao
      • Bong Sao
    • The Double Wu Sao
    • Redirecting a push using the Wu Sao hand
    • Similar technique using the Wu Sao
    • Using Pock Pie-Double palm strike
  • Locks and take downs
    • Chen Na/Throws
      • Double hand lock
      • Wrist Lock
      • Huen Sao Hand with foot sweep
      • Leg throw – major outer reaping
      • A tree hand combination and foot sweep
  • Using the Shoulder
    • Getting inside using both hands
    • Throwing
    • Defense against a Bong Lap Sao
    • Stepping in and striking with the shoulder
    • A Huen Sao Hand application
  • Kicking and Counter Attacks
    • The Blocking Kick
    • Block against a side kick
    • Knee strike
    • Round-house Kick counter
    • Striking at the Groin
    • The sweeping leg
  • Leg trapping and take downs
    • Foot sweeps
    • Using the knee