Review of James Sinclair's Wall Bag Training DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: August 1, 2011

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Technical Specifications:

Title: Wing Chun Kung Fu – Wall Bag Training
Presenters: Master James Sinclair
Region:  all
Number of disc:  1
Length: Disc
Language:  English
Production Quality: 3.5 /5
Sound Quality: 5/5
Video Quality: 4/5
Material covered: 5/5
Instructional qualities: 5/5

What it's about:

This DVD covers the essentials of Wing Chun Kung – Fu wall bag training, its associated warm up exercises and applications.


Wing Chun as in many of the Chinese martial arts has training equipment unique in developing one's power and skill in combative applications. Although most martial artists are aware of the Mook Jong or wooden dummy, used in training, perhaps many are unfamiliar with the three section wall bag in developing power. The first part of this DVD provides a great deal of time on the proper exercises or warm ups to prevent injury and damage to the internal organs, because of the acupuncture points associated with the fingers. So caution is given in preparing the hands and knowing how to strike the bag to minimize soft tissue damage. There are Chinese herbal preparations which are taken orally and herbs applied externally to the hands to promote the healing process. If you're able to obtain the correct herbal preparation you actually could make the muscular of the hands far more lethal.

The DVD also provides excellent advice regarding the possible injury one could develop by striking someone in the mouth. Toward the end of this production a fellow Wing Chun practitioner, gives his account of being involved in a minor encounter; because he hit the person in the mouth and cut his hand on the opponent's teeth; he got a serious infection that traveled up his arm, which resulted in several major surgical operations. The infection was so serious he almost lost his hand and he could have very well have lost his life! So think about the possible dangers of blood born infections should you find yourself in a fight.

If you're looking for the kind of training DVD that will develop power in your technique and applications, such as using the sides of the hands, elbows, et cetera; it will provide you with some of what you'll need. For the drill hungry instructor it has lots of partner drills with applications. And if you're looking for a wall bag that has printed on its face the lateral and angular lines showing you where to hit…you might find this a useful instructional feature to orient your striking motion.

Again this DVD is packed with content and is well worth the investment. Wall bag training would benefit those who wish to learn how to strike with power and it would be an excellent compliment to Wooden Dummy practice.

Content Overview:


  1. Introduction
  2. Warm up
  3. Forearm Stretches
  4. Simple Warm Up Routine
  5. Partner Warm Up
  6. Strength Development
  7. Center Line Punch
  8. 45 degree Fist
  9. Sifu Mark Phillips-Demo
  10. Chops-Demo
  11. Chang Sau Hand
  12. Side Chop Application
  13. Downward Chop Application
  14. Chop Combinations
  15. Side Punch
  16. Control and Focus
  17. Side Punch Extra
  18. Scenario Applications
  19. Strike Applications
  20. Downward Palm
  21. Chain Punches
  22. Huen Sau
  23. Slaps to Focus Mitts
  24. Gwa Choy
  25. Braking Techniques
  26. Short distance Power
  27. Jammod/Body Shift
  28. Cross Body Punch
  29. Palm Strikes
  30. Summary
  31. Hand Combinations
  32. Half fist
  33. Single Knuckle
  34. Butting Elbow
  35. Hacking Elbow
  36. Heavy Bag
  37. Lift Kicks
  38. General Kicking
  39. Massage Introduction
  40. Basic Hand Massage
  41. Dit Da Jow
  42. Warnings and Precautions