Review of Austin Goh's Wing Chun For Advanced DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer:George Hernandez
Date: February 5, 2011
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Technical Specifications:

Title: Austin Goh – Wing Chun For Advanced
Actors: Austin Goh
Format: PAL DVD-R
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Number of disc: 1
Length: 26:00 Minutes
DVD Release Date: 27 Sep 2004

What It’s About:

This DVD explores the advanced form and final form of the Wing Chun system, Known as Bil Jee and the sixteen kicking techniques, Qi Gong and Pressure Point Strikes.


In other reviews given on the web for this DVD, which is the third in Sifu Goh’s, series on Wing Chun Kung Fu, was given three stars out of five as a rating. But I would have to disagree. The only short coming of this instructional piece is that its running time for play back is only twenty-six minutes max. But, if you’re an experienced practitioner in this martial art, you won’t have any trouble in following along or understanding what is done. This DVD is not for the beginner, although one could mimic the moves. However, if your first and second form performance is below par then forget the criticism and practice so more!

For those who are just beginning the practice of third form technique, this DVD would be an excellent supplement to one’s practice. Most books and Videos on the Wing Chun system don’t cover the kicking form and it’s applications demonstrated by Sifu Goh….so I think this DVD is a plus, if you haven’t seen it or it hasn’t been part of your Wing Chun Curriculum. One might also say that Sifu Goh’s third form is not like that of other schools…it doesn’t matter…different Sifus teach different things…which includes all three forms for that matter. It’s the consistency of your practice; the understanding of the Wing Chun fighting system and adhering to its principles that matter.

Sifu Goh’s, training methods by some might be consider more of the hard style of Wing Chun linage, with its emphasis on strength and power. But, diligent practice will bring you to the same level of accomplishment as the softer approach. Different teachers and styles of the martial arts are like mountain climbers at different levels or heights on the mountain, when they turn around, they all see something different, but when they reach the top they will all see the same thing. So…my recommendation to you Wing Chun Guys, is to buy it.

Content Overview: Austin Goh, Wing Chun For Advanced


    • Wing Chun Kung Fu – Bil Jee Form
    • Purpose and Esoteric nature of the third form
    • Bil Jee, expression of Animal Forms

Bil Jee - Advanced Third Form of the Wing Chun System

    • Demonstrated by Sifu Austin Goh
    • “Bil Jee, the Art of Self Expression”
    • Sequential breakdown of the Bil Jee Form

Bil Jee – Applications- Demonstrated by Sifu Goh

    • Part One
      • Demonstration of Bong Sao and Jab
      • Demonstration of Tao Sao Block with Left/Right Elbow Strike
    • Part Two
      • Demonstration of Elbow Block/High Fat Sao and Palm Strike
      • Demonstration of Elbow Block/High Palm Strike
    • Part Three
      • Demonstration of Double Kan Sao, Fat Sao and Palm Strike
      • Demonstration of Pac Sao, Side Fat Sao and Bil Jee
    • Part Four
      • Demonstration of Inside Bil Jee Blocks

Introduction – Using the Pressure Points

    • The concept of Chi
    • The Relationship between Chinese Medicine and martial arts
    • Application of the Pressure Points
      • Demonstration – Strike to the side of head
      • Demonstration – Strike to the side of the eye
      • Demonstration – Strike to the middle of the eye
      • Demonstration – Strike below the nose
      • Demonstration – Strike to the shoulder and Joint
      • Demonstration – Strike to the heart area
      • Demonstration – Strike below the ribcage
      • Demonstration – Strike to the area above the throat

Wing Chun Advanced Kicking Form

    • Demonstration of the Opening Stance
    • Demonstration of the front Push Kick
    • Demonstration of the Bong Sao/Side Kick
    • Demonstration of the High Palm/Low Side Kick
    • Demonstration of High Palm/High Push Kick
    • Demonstration of Quan Sao/Low Palm/Push Kick/Front Kick
    • Demonstration of the Fook Sao/Side Kick
    • Demonstration of the Lan Sao/Front Push Kick
    • Demonstration of the Slap Kick/Low Side Kick
    • Demonstration of the Right/Left Sweep Kick
    • Demonstration of the Push Kick/Side Kicks

Kicking Applications

    • Part One
      • Tan Sao/Back Sweeping Kick
      • Push Kick/Pac Sao Punch
      • Chang Sao/Lao Sao/Side Kick
    • Part Two
      • Jumping Lan Sao/Side Kick
      • Bong Sao/Lan Sao/Front Kick
      • Sweep Kick/Back Fist
      • Back Sweeping Kick/Fook Sao
      • Groin Kick/Tan Sao
      • Double Slap Kick
      • Bong Sao/Double Side Kicks
    • Part Three
      • Jumping Tan Sao/Groin Kick
      • Tan Sao Push Kick
      • Turning Back Kick
      • Turning Fat Sao/Return to Central Position

Chi Kung Exercise

    • Demonstration of Internal Chi Kung Set
    • Demonstration of External Chi Kung Set