WING CHUN TEMPLE and Shaolin Temple

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Date: May 8, 2015
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Sifu GM Wong Long Ching’s Reflection of our Shaolin Temple Wing Chun is the "Fruit" of The Shaolin Temple Wing Chun Gung Fu is really the fruit of The Shaolin Temple; Wing Chun won't be existed without The Shaolin Temple. Over at least two thousand years ago, The Shaolin Temple came to its existence due to the inspiration of The highest priest Tamo who travelled from India. Afterward, The Shaolin Temple incorporated Chan mediation, as of the receiving of enlightenment, which Buddhism was incorporated into the Chinese cultural besides Taoism and Confucianism. As of today in Chinese cultural and belief, we have Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism; furthermore, in Wing Chun Gung Fu's philosophy and belief, we've called it or known to be "The Three Pillars of Wing Chun Gung Fu," where everything is derived from. -Sifu GM Wong Long Ching My name is Wong Long Ching and I was born in Hong Kong, and since then, I've raised and lived in Hong Kong, where I've known all of my life and have felt comfortable of living here. I've been traveling to other countries such as China, Australia, Nederland and currently to America. Out of these countries, America is the only country that I became to fond with because of my school there, which is the school that installed Wing Chun system with my name installed into the system, which known as Wong Long Wing Chun as to honoring me into the Hall of Fame in The Martial Arts History Museum. The name of the school is Wing Chun Temple-Wong Long Wing Chun, which it came to its existence when I adopted Tang Chen(Clark Tang), Hsu Yuen Sen(Tony Hsu), Niu Yu Ping(Jennifer Niu), Jason Hsu, and Richard Hsu. By Wong Long Ching