Wing Chun In India

Posted By : Sonu Kumar Giri
Date: Oct 28, 2011

Wing chun is one of the traditional kung-fu styles and it is specializing in close-range combat, also known for its simplicity. It started in India, Around 80s through some individual martial artist. It has slowly started gaining popularity in India, when we started to search Authentic wing chun schools / sifu in India by lineages, we got currently Samuel Kwok, Don Grose, Sam Hing Fi Chan, Jim fung, Augustine fong.

Sifu Chaitayan R Naik: Started training martial arts from early as 1981. He received wing chun training from Samuel Kwok and is the authorized representative of the Kwok Wing Chun family in India also he is started academy of combat martial art institute in India.

Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri : Started martial arts training since 1993. And done the instructor level course from Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Art Association, and also other wing chun association.

Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri started Wing Chun Kung-fu Martial Art Academy in India, Its headquarter is located at Mumbai, Some other popular Sifu from this School are Nagesh Sharma, Dara R. Singh, Alok Dubey, Vikas Chandane and many more.

Sifu Naresh Krishna : 10th degree Red Sash Master of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Vice President of Asian Affairs for the International Ving Tsun Kung Fu Federation, and Chief Instructor of India, National Representative to India for Tucson Ving Tsun Academy. Also head of the Indian Ving Tsun Academies and the All India Ving Tsun / Wing Chun Association. started Ving Tsun Academy in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He is a student of Sifu Don Grose of the Tucson Ving Tsun Academy, he had established many schools in India, especially in his native state Kerala, India.

Sifu Dr. K.P. Natraj : He is 3rd degree Black sash Started Yao Lan Kung-fu School in Trivandrum, Kerala. Kp Natraj is trained from sifu Sam Hing Fai chan, The recent Instructors include Santhosh Kumar, Jaya Chandran, Sreemon and Stuart.

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Article from Golden India {Newspaper / Magazine}

Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri - India.