Wing Chun can be combined with Tai Chi Chuan

Posted By : baas
Date: Nov 5, 2018

This small article is purely my experience as a practitioner and a teacher within the Chinese martial arts. I want to share this article merely as an advice and not as a research. Many people who are in Wing Chun only focus on Wing Chun. That is a good thing because to get the skills of Wing Chun in your body as a reflex you have to do it a lot. I myself Douwe Geluk also practise Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, i also teach those arts. I think that it is a great combination together with Wing Chun. The slow movements give a great feeling and will upgrade the levels in the parts of the body were it is needed. With that base i go into Wing Chun Drills, Chi Sau, Bi Sau and the Wooden Dummy practise with a steady and balanced Chi flow. Before i train Wing Chun i always do Tai Chi Chuan to warm up and get into it.Everybody should try that because when you are in it the effects are truly amazing.