Some remarks on Nei kung in Vinh Xuan Noi gia

Posted By : vxnoigia
Date: Nov 29, 2011

After the introduction of our website, and especially after we exposed “nei kung” (inner force) capacity on VTV3 feature programme “Vietnam’s Extraordinairies”, there have been many comments related to “nei kung”, which I mentioned in the last article. Many who are interested in “nei-kung” have directly asked me about it. Some of them have even asked me if they can learn “nei-kung” without learning kuyen techniques. I myself find this an issue that needs to be further discussed.

It is true that in our WingChun branch (Vinh Xuan Noi gia - the Internal Style Family WingChun), nei kung is the highest technique or the top “kung-fu”.  However, it should be noted that, being the highest technique, nei-kung is also a part of the whole system of Vĩnh Xuân Nội gia. The difference might be in that nei-kung is taught only to the best students.

In fact, the ability to sustain blows/kicks is only one among many aspects of nei-kung. In their learning process and being transferred nei-kung, students are upgraded in many aspects of performing kuyen techniques and skills. When succeeded, many other skills and techniques will also be achieved at the same time. However, the purpose of nei-kung is not to allow whoever to hit ourselves. Indeed, this kung-fu of our martial art branch has been used for training the students who will take over the responsibility of the branch development, in order to help further develop their skills, techniques, and capacity. This is also an obligation of the those who obtained nei-kung and then become masters:  they must allow the students to hit directly on their bodies when teaching advanced students on the 108 movement forms (including static 108 and dynamic 108). Of course, letting the students to hit also depends on the students themselves as well as the ability of the trainers.

Saying that, we just would like you to understand that nei-kung is one “kung-fu” of the kuyen system of Vĩnh Xuân Nội gia. Before have achieved that capacity and ability, students have to learn many other skills and techniques. (I have mentioned this issue in several previous articles).

In fact, there have been many WingChun students who are very good at kuyen techniques but have not got nei-kung capacity. In battle, the crucial principle is not to let the rival hit directly to our body. That is why we have an expression “having ourselves protected is having won the other”. There is no reason to let the others hit our body. However, in certain situations we may let them hit our body in order to have opportunity to strike back at the same time to their body. While we can endure their hits, the rival will be suffered more.

Sharing with you some initial ideas, I just want to recommend that when you approach Vĩnh Xuân Nội gia the first principle is following the learning process, trying best all the exercises. For sure, our grand masters would not let the students, who are faithful, studious, kind-hearted, and passionate, not to reach the final target. Every of our branch’s kung-fu, which has been carefully studied and created by the grand masters, will therefore be forever saved and passed from one generation to another.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Mr. Nguyễn Chí Thành (the son of GM Nguyen Te Cong), to express our sincere thanks to our brothers for sending their students to visit the grave of our Grand Master Nguyễn Tế Công. They are some students of Master Phan Dương Bình and others I have not known their names. Wish the kind-hearted burning incense of our younger generations warm up the soul of our Grand Master in heaven.

Wish you all and your families a new year of peace and prosperity. My sincere thanks to the sympathy you have shared with Vĩnh Xuân Nội gia.