Control of Centerline

Posted By : pacificwingchun
Date: Nov 14, 2013
Control of Centerline By Sifu Lawrence Ramirez Why is control of centerline so important? In Wing Chun Kung Fu the most fundamental of principals are correct posture, hand technique, the bridging to, and redirection of your opponents force, also the proper application of these principle. The principles, and techniques are important, but we must also keep in mind, that the maintaining control of centerline is key to controlling your opponent?s movement, and his ultimate defeat. We as children have tried to balance upon a beach ball only to have been thrown off to one side, or the other. Imagine that your centerline is like that ball; nothing must stay within its path, your opponent being redirected off to one side or the other, to gain an advantageous position for strikes, and to obtain complete control of your opponent. We may have come to a situation that has a limb pinned by the opponent, but with correct posture, proper hand technique, and redirection of your opponents force we may regain centerline advantage for control, and ultimately the defeat your opponent. Your opponent may press hard into your space, but accepting this force, redirecting it, and letting it pass by, we may again gain centerline advantage, advantageous position for strikes, and the control of your opponent. If your opponent retreats, we must follow, re-bridge, and again gain centerline control in an unrelenting fashion to be victorious. These principle and technique are key to controlling centerline, and your opponent?s movement. Maintaining control of your opponent?s movement, and centerline is crucial if we are to be on the winning side. "To engage in physical violence is wrong, but if I must, I want be to be on the winning side." Quote by Sifu Alan "Bak Fu" Vasquez Orange County Wing Chun Kung fu Association, California. For downloadable format of this article click on the link below: of Centerline.doc