The Best Wing Chun

Posted By : AdamWilliss
Date: Jun 10, 2012

The majority of Wing Chun people that I've come across are "egotistic know-it-alls". They need less ego and more of a JKD mentality, not necessarily JKD methods.

They've become a slave to their Wing Chun or their particular Wing Chun lineage. Sure everyone has their methods, but don't let it own you the way it seems to own so many.

"You're Wing Chun sucks", "You're not doing it right", "My way is much better", "Everyone should do it the way I do it", ect. Just because you have your methods doesn't mean someone else's is wrong.

Stop letting your ego control you. Stop putting other's down. It is ok. There is more than one way to do Wing Chun.

Stop trying to protect the name of Wing Chun. It's just a name. So what if others do it differently. So what if it doesn't look practical to you. So what if its counter to what you do. It doesn't matter. Don't let it become a religion that controls you. Wing Chun isn't sacred. The only thing sacred is you.

This is something that I've struggled with and will always struggle with. I've gone back and forth and finally feel I've found somewhat of a balance of truly appreciating my methods without ignorantly thinking they are the only correct way of doing Wing Chun. They aren't better than anyone else's. What works for me, may not work for everyone. That's why proper Wing Chun is a concept-based art, not a technique based art.

Of course I'm going to prefer the methods I choose over others. After all I chose them. And if someone wants me to help them understand what I do, I'm happy to share. But I don't think others are wrong for their methods. And just because I understand this today, doesn't mean I won't struggle with it tomorrow. I believe it should be a constant struggle to maintain this balance.