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Common Namesort ascending Bio (continued on main profile page) Lineage Last Updated
John Peluso John Peluso Sifu John Peluso began his studies of martial arts in the Ottawa area in 1968. He resumed his training after moving to Toronto in 1981.In 1984 he... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Jim Poulsen Jim Poulsen Jim Poulsen has studied Wing Chun since 1986 and began teaching in the year 2000, and is a Nationally and Locally certified firearms instructor.... Read more (Ip Man) Ip Ching Nov 20, 2016
James Pushia The Flying Dragon Temple Of Shaolin Gung Fu was established by Gung Expert, Sifu James Pushia in the 1980's. He has over thirty five years experience... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Ian Protheroe & William Cheung Ian Protheroe Sifu Ian Protheroe was born in England in 1954 and has been involved in the study of Martial Arts for most of his life. Since immigrating to... Read more (Ip Man) William Cheung Nov 20, 2016
Mark Stas, Heinrich Pfaff Heinrich Pfaff "Sifu Heinrich is distinguish by his perfect technique and efficiency..." Ex-headinstructor of the Headquarters of the "European WingTsun... Read more (Ip Man) Leung Ting Nov 20, 2016
Gustavo Pinheiro Gustavo Pinheiro Disciple of Augustine Fong since 1986. Teaches in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 1991. Learned the system, under his SiFu supervision, Master Augustine Fong... Read more (Ip Man) Ho Kam Ming Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Günther Plank Günther Plank Started 1995 within EWTO (Sifu Oliver König), finished program for 4th technician and left EWTO in 2007. Finished the unarmed and armed WingTsun... Read more (Ip Man) Leung Ting Feb 16, 2017
Gianfranco Pompianu Former Italian boxing champion, he then learned the complete Wing Chun curriculum as taught by Austin Goh. He also trained with Joseph Lee and Joseph... Read more (Ip Man) Lee Shing Nov 20, 2016
Gerard Perera  My name is Gerard Perera and I am from Sri lanka. I am a student of Sifu Sanjaya Kapukouwa who teaches Wing Chun under Grand Master Samuel Kwok in... Read more (Ip Man) Ip Ching Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Furio Piccinini, official representative for Master Sam Lau in Italy. Furio Piccinini Born in 1976, I started practicing martial arts at 4 years old, in a Judo school in my town. At the age of 15 I moved to a Kick-boxing course in... Read more (Ip Man) Sam Lau Feb 13, 2019


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