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School Name Head Sifu Countrysort descending State City Website Updated date
Harmonizing Fist Kung-Fu Center Leung Ting 梁挻 United States Georgia Conyers Oct 13, 2020
Authentic Wing Chun Academy Jon Linder United States Florida Deerfield Bch Jun 14, 2011
International Wing Chun Organization USA Leif Olander United States Florida St Petersburg Jul 1, 2023
Wing Chun Original Kung Fu Club of P.R. Jose Colón United States Puerto Rico Trujillo Alto Wing Chun Original Kung Fu Club of P.R. Sifu Jose Colon Jun 8, 2013
Columbia University Moy Yee Kung Fu Henry Moy Yee United States New York New York Apr 10, 2022
Way of the Dragon Brad Hoffman United States North Carolina Cary Jun 20, 2011
Weng Chun Kung Fu & Chen Tai Chi Club Brian Taylor Williams United States Florida Sarasota Sep 21, 2023
Denver Kung Fu Mez Charney United States Colorado Denver Jan 6, 2012
Centerline Martial Arts School of Wing Chun Chris (Vincent) Damiano United States Florida Destin Centerline Martial Arts School of Wing Chun Jul 9, 2011
Agility Wing Chun Kung-fu Association Mark E. McDonald United States Oregon Gresham Aug 14, 2023