Steve Crider's WING CHUN KUNG FU School of Self Defense: Waco, Texas

Head Instructor: Steve Benjamin Crider

Website: Steve Crider's WING CHUN KUNG FU School of Self Defense

Phone: 254.349.8222

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City: Waco

State/Provience: TX

Country: US

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Steve Crider's WING CHUN KUNG FU School of Self Defense: Waco, Texas Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs PUBLIC EVENING Classes 6pm to 8pm Mon,Tues,Wed,Thrus,Fri Morning Classes BY INVITE ONLY 9am to 11am ALL Mc Lennan County Law ENFORCEMENT Personel are welcome FREE AT Any TIME! ALL Amputees and persons with diagnosed Mobility Problems FREE AT ANY TIME! CANE 'and' A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminars These Seminars are, have been and always will be FREE To Amputees and Persons With Diagnosed Mobility Challenges! The Seminars are about 5 hours long, divided into 3 sections Section 1: Opening Discussion: According to a 2011 U.S. Dept of Justice Report, Amputees and persons with diagnosed mobility challenges are TWICE as likely to become victims of Violent Crime and Domestic Abuse than peers of the same age group who do not have physical mobility challenges! I am convinced of the need for access to quality self defense instruction for these persons, that I offer it free of charge to the Mobility Challenged Community with hopes to empower the same with the skills,confidence and hopes that in such Violent encounters, they may not become victims. A frank discussion on Self Defense and the Law, responsibilities, the potential consequences of self defense, Force Escalation, and the proper use and advantages/disadvantages of Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, and Collapsible batons are covered. Section 2: CANE a series of Cane Fighting Techniques which remove all the flash and fancy hard to master stuff, and focus on core techniques which are easily learned and mastered to produce Maximum Impact with Minimum Effort Section 3: A.B.L.E. (ADAPTIVE BATTLE for LIMB-challenged EXTREMITIES) EMERGENCY Wing Chun Techniques aimed at using Minimum effort to produce Maximum Impact. THE Techniques taught are primarily breaking and lethal force techniques, working under the assumption that ones mobility challenges in most cases are visible and obvious, thus making the aggressor aware that they have by passed earlier levels of force escalation, and both parties aware that the threat of aggression towards the mobility challenged person poses a much greater degree of danger and harsh consequences than the same assault would pose to a non-disabled person. Due to the seriousness of matters taught and discussed in this seminar, a) A Liability and Non Disclosure Waiver must be signed prior to attendance b) Attendance is CLOSED to the PUBLIC, and open only to persons with Limb-Loss and/or Limb Difference and those with diagnosed mobility Challenging issues. c) Persons under 19 yrs old, must have at least one parent or guardian accompany them for attendance These seminars are set as opportunity provides, and details are available on the CANE 'and' A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminar Facebook Page. A milder "PUBLIC" Version of the "CANE 'and' A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminar" is held each June in New Braunfels, Texas at the TEXAS SKI RANCH during the MMA CLINIC/EXPO portion of "THE EXTREMITY GAMES" on day 1 of the annual 2 day event where Sifu Steve Crider serves as the OFFICIAL MMA Instructor For The Extremity Games.