Head Instructor: Robert "Doc" Savage

Website: SiFu Doc Savage

Phone: 1-850-301-0500

Address 1: 309 Linda Lane

Address 2:

City: Fort Walton Beach

State/Provience: FL

Country: US

Directions: Try to Map it

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SiFu Doc Savage has developed a curriculum as well as teaching methods over the past 20 years that encompasses practical, real-world self-defense applications starting the first day of class. His way of teaching puts a student on the right path to total understanding and mastering this highly efficient system of self defense. Students will develop the Knowledge and Confidence they will need for problem solving skills to deal with not just self-defense situations, but conceptual thinking and situational intelligence, in a realistic but controlled environment. With continued time in the art and by using the principle of “Don’t Fight Force with Force”students learn to de-stress situations in their daily lives. SiFu Doc Savage’s Lineage: Ypi Man-Duncan Leung-Doc Savage