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School Name Head Sifu Country Statesort descending City Website Updated date
kung Fu Cape Town South Africa Western Cape Cape Town Oct 22, 2011
Wing Tsjun International Sri Lanka Premil Naveendra Sri Lanka Western Nugegoda Nov 24, 2011
Wing Tai Belgium Mark Stas Belgium Hainaut Chapelle-l-Ht Dec 18, 2012
Watchful Dragon Kwoon of Chu Sau Leu Wing Chun Kuen Marty Goldberg United States Wisconsin Milwaukee Jun 23, 2011
Academy of Chinese Martial Arts and Well Being, LLC Ben Buchli United States Wisconsin Madison Academy of Chinese Martial Arts and Well Being, LLC Jul 8, 2011
Ecole Liegeoise de Ving Tsun Hani Sabbagh Belgium Liege Liège Wing Chun Liege - Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association Belgium asbl Jul 11, 2011
Ving Tsun Wong Shun Leung system Denis Fossion Belgium Liege Liège Huy Amay School Wong Shun Leung system Sep 6, 2012
Vinh-Xuan Quyen Vu Khac Tri Belgium Namur Namur 5000 Vinh-Xuan Quyen Jul 11, 2011
WingTchun Argentina Jeremias Adriel Zaghis Argentina Córdoba Cordoba Capital WingTchun Argentina Jul 11, 2011
Lea Lu Wing Chun Kung Fu Lea Lu Philippines Zambales Olongapo Jun 12, 2021