Virginia Beach Wing Chun

Virginia Beach Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Gordon Lo (Lu)

Website: Ip (Yip) Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Virginia Beach

Phone: 1-757-761-5966

Address 1: 3221 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Address 2:

City: Virginia Beach

State/Provience: VA

Country: US

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The Wing Chun School in Virginia Beach taught by Sifu Gorden Lu provides a unique learning experience in this martial art. When you first meet Sifu Gorden you will be impressed by his insight and knowledge of Wing Chun. His wealth of knowledge comes from a life long experience of training with his father Lo Man Kam along with concurrent years of training from Shiu-Hung (Duncan) Leung. Both Lo Man Kam and Duncan Leung are direct disciples of Ip Man. Sifu Gorden's school is always open to newcomers and welcomes all visitors to observe the class as many times as they want. He explains to prospective students that he teaches how to fight and protect yourself based upon theories. This is done by training your body motion, muscle memory and reflexes to instinctively react to adverse attacks.

What students will find refreshing about Sifu Gorden is his willingness to answer any questions.  He professes no secrets in Wing Chun and offers a learning environment that is open and friendly.  This fosters an atmosphere of respect and diligence among his students.  There are no belts or sashes to signify a student’s level.  The progression of a student is determined by the amount of time, work, effort and practice an individual puts in to master a technique or drill.  As you advance through the class, you will learn to combine the basic movements into technical drills that will be used during sparring, circle drills, and timing exercises.  A series of power exercises are done at the end of each class that is used to enhance the Wing Chun techniques and aid in the development of proper muscles, structure, stability, flexibility, improve fitness and endurance.