Review of Sam Chan's Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (Book)

Posted By : T. Taganashi
Date: May 18, 2016

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Review by: Todd Taganashi
IWCMAA Ip Man Wing Chun Series: Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (Book)

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Quick Review:

“Ok straight up, this is the best book that I have read on the subject of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. First off, Sifu Chan’s is one of the only books on this subject that isn’t 85% pictures and 15% written content. Quite the contrary -- the written material in this book is very significant. This is a testament to the time and effort that Sifu Chan must have put into this work. That being said, the pictures themselves are very well done in that they are large enough, clear enough see, and taken at the proper angle so as to use as a study aid. But it is truly the written material that sets this book apart from the others on this subject. Sifu Chan really went all out in describing the wooden dummy techniques, applications, and variations in extensive detail. I highly recommend this book to every serious student of Wing Chun.”