June 2012, first official visit to France by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

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Date: May 18, 2016

June 8th untill the 11th inclusive

2012, First seminar in France for Ip Man Wing Chun France, with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Come and participate in our 4 day Martial Art Training Camp in the South of France, surrounded by like minded people in a relaxed, calm, secure and friendly environment. With emphasis on training all aspects of Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, including “Chi Sao” (Sticking Hands both  exercise and fighting applications), forms and fighting applications, weapons, wooden dummy and an open sparring tournament, this training camp offers something for everybody including the kids at the weekend.


That’s right, for our first ever training camp we are using an “Enter The Dragon” theme in recognition of 2012 being the   Chinese year of the Dragon, this camp is not too be missed, is open to all comers, all levels, all styles, no politics, just Kung Fu.

This is a “Training Camp” not just an open tournament, world renowned Grandmaster Samuel Kwok AKA “the Wing Chun Evangelist” will be teaching and demonstrating Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu over the 4 days. Following the “Enter the Dragon” theme there will also be an open sparring tournament with bouts taking place daily, semi-contact with amateur and pro categories so that participants at all levels will be able to compete with the  final rounds and overall winner being declared on the last day of the camp.

The seminar is taking place at Camp Gites, a caravan and camping park  near Menesplet in the Dordogne (department 24).

Exclusively hired for our 4 day programme, Camp Gites offers all martial artists the chance to train in a relaxing and serine environment in the beautiful Aquitaine region of the South of France.

The main site is around 2 hectares with the  facility for 29 pitches (caravan or motor-home) 10 pitches are hard-standing whilst the  remainder are grassed; many are surrounded by hedging and trees to provide shade, seclusion and  privacy.

All pitches have electric hook-up points and are lit at night for security.

A further park area of four hectares contains more trees and a grassy creek with stream for fishing, idyllic and perfect for our training camp.

There is a good quality toilet block with showers and a pleasant laundry room which contains washing machines and ironing facilities. An “Elsan” disposal point is also on site!

In case of bad weather (highly unlikely in June) there is a function room, with billiard and football table, library PLUS THE BAR is also located here ! Prizes and trophies will be awarded here on the final day.

For Wing Chun and weapons training there will be a wooden dummy or two on site, 6 and a half point poles and butterfly knives. There will also be  Escrima sticks and basic staffs, however guests are invited to bring their own weapons if interested in cross training, which we would  strongly recommend due to the diversity of styles and experience of some Martial Artists attending the event.

In addition to the programmed training there will be a “Conditioning area” with wall bags, kick bags, iron palm, leg stretch, sunken posts, sand, water and gravel drums, boards/tiles for hard Qigong breaking, stones and plenty of trees for hard Qigong.

If you have never tried your hand at breaking or would simply like to find out more about conditioning your body correctly we invite you to make full use of these facilities,  who knows, if everyone is feeling competitive, we may get one or two practitioners testing their skills against one another.

Training the body externally is essential in all martial arts, during our seminar we would like to offer participants the opportunity to explore their “internal” selves in our “Meditation Marquee” where correct breathing and meditation techniques can be learnt and practised during your stay.

Daily morning Qigong sessions to awaken body, mind and soul will set you up for the days training, this is by no means compulsory but will be very beneficial for all martial artists attending camp interested in learning this ancient art developing higher realms of awareness, internal strength and well being.

We encourage all participants to train with one another during the 4 day event, the exchange of knowledge and skills amongst Martial Artists is something that should be promoted, by training with and learning from one another we can improve our own skills and understanding, remember :        “Advance daily throughout your life, becoming more skillful today than yesterday“. This is a never ending process..

Open Sparring Tournament

The open sparring  tournament will be divided into two main categories, namely amateur and professional. Professional fighters are those who compete or have competed in any organised bouts, regardless of style. Amateurs are simply anyone participating who has never sparred outside of their own club, Dojo or Kwoon. In addition there will be bouts for children (aged between 8 and 15 years) held on the 9th and 10th (Saturday and Sunday). There are cash prizes and trophies for the winners and runner ups of each category, being awarded on the last day of the camp.

The sparring will be Semi-Contact only, winners being decided by a points system, 3 x 1 minute rounds with the victor being the individual with the most points at the end of the bout. Anyone wishing to participate is required to bring their own protective equipment namely, gloves (or open mitts), headgear, gum shield (unless wearing full faced helmet) and body protector if required.

PLEASE NOTE: This tournament is being hosted by Ip Man Wing Chun France to raise the French public awareness of the ever growing interest in Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, we eagerly extend the hand of friendship to all Martial  Artists regardless of style, lineage or art practised in the hope that we can attract a wide range of   talented individuals willing to share their experiences and exchange skills with others during their stay.


Please come and represent your school, club or Master, just don’t bring any Ego’s or attitude. We do not want to see people attending  being upset or our event being ruined by unwelcome behaviour. This will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

For the Kids

We cannot offer to look after children that attend this event other than when they are participating in a class so we must ask that parents be on site at all times.

The minimum age of children permitted to participate is 8 years old, however younger children are of course welcome if accompanied by a parent/guardian who are not going to be taking part in any training.

The children’s sparring rounds will take place on Saturday and Sunday with the winner being declared and the prize giving taking place Sunday afternoon.

There will be children’s Wing Chun classes, endurance and breaking games plus several demonstrations and displays of forms, weapons and techniques by Martial Artists attending the event.

We will be organising a few other attractions like face painting, bouncy castle,    and water slide to keep the younger ones happy when they have had enough of learning and are currently in the process of organising some archery for the adults.

Please show your support by returning your booking form as quickly as possible and no later than the 30th of April to participate in this not to be missed event.

Anyone wishing to extend their stay either before or after the dates of the camp to make the most of your stay in this beautiful area of France can be accommodated just let us know what you need and we will  be happy to make the necessary       arrangements on your behalf.

You are not obliged to partake in any of the meals available, you can choose to be entirely self sufficient, meals do not have to be reserved you can pay on site for any meal you require on the day, breakfast, lunch and evening meals are available

We wish you all “Gung Hay Fat Choy” (Happy New Year) and hope to see you at the camp.

Ip Man Wing Chun France

Sifu Lee Coleman.

Training Camp Agenda

Thursday Evening

Early Arrivals and Open Cross Training/discussions


Qigong 7-8,00am

Arrivals and Open Cross Training/discussions

Tournament inscriptions.


Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun, Basic Principles and Applications—With GM Samuel Kwok 2-4pm

“Enter the Dragon” BBQ Banquet (costume/uniform optional) 7pm onwards


Qigong 7-8,00am

Kids Preliminary Sparring Rounds 9-11am

Traditional IP Man Wing Chun, Wing Chun Forms—with GM Samuel Kwok 11,00 –1pm


Traditional IP Man Wing Chun, Chi Sao with GM Samuel Kwok 3-5pm

Adult Preliminary Sparring Rounds 7-9pm


Qigong 7-8,00am

Kids Final Sparring Rounds 9-11am

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun , Wing Chun Weapons with GM Samuel Kwok 11-1pm


Kids Winners, Prize-giving and trophy presentation 2-3pm

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun, Wooden Dummy with GM Samuel Kwok 3-5pm

Adults Semi Final Sparring Rounds 7-9pm

Monday Morning

Qigong 7-8,00am

Adults Final Sparring rounds 9-11am

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun, Fighting Applications with GM Samuel Kwok 11-1pm


Adult Winners- Prize giving and trophy presentation 2-3pm

Certificates, Farewells and Thank you.

We hope you will all enjoy our camp and make the most of the facilities available, we would like to make this an annual event and can only do so with your support.

Please reserve your place today and help us to make this camp an event to remember.

Any spare time outside of scheduled training can be used to practice, share skills and knowledge with other Martial Artists attending or use the other facilities at the camp, we hope to create an ideal training environment with something for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

How to get there

Montpon-Menesterol and Menesplet (5 minutes down the road) are located on the RN89 around half way between Perigueux and Libourne in the Dordogne department,    Aquitaine region of France. This is the nearest town to the camp site and has all     necessary amenities.

There is a railway station in Montpon for anyone wishing to arrivie by train, we can  arrange collection from the station or there are taxi services.


Both Bergerac and Bordeaux airports are within easy reach, we will be operating a minibus shuttle service to and from both airports from Thursday 7th June until     Tuesday the 12th of June inclusive)

By Car, the site is easy to find as it is well sign posted from Menesplet.


Our training camp is just that, a camp, however we have to try and cater for everyone so there are several options for accommodation.

You are of course encouraged to bring your own tent, our weather is usually always good in June so it’s not likely to be wet and it will almost certainly be warm. Tents can also be hired if it is too difficult or indeed unpractical to bring one with you.

As you can see there are also pitches included for caravans and/or motor homes for those who are used to camping.

We are erecting a large marquee to use as a dormitory, (divided for male and female) this offers our most cost  effective option.

There are a number of chambre d’hotes (apartments) on site available but these are limited so book early to avoid disappointment, these can be shared to accommodate up to 5 people to keep costs down.

We have friends with properties nearby that are also available to rent, the houses are extremely comfortable and can be shared by several people, again this is going to be popular so please book early to avoid disappointment.

If you wish to extend your stay to take the opportunity to visit more of France you are most welcome, if you arrive early or want to leave a few days later all of Camp Gites facilities are available at their standard rates, just let us know what you need.
We look forward to welcoming you to our event.
Please download a copy of this document and booking form for this event here :