Dr. Wilfred Lam / Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy Chairman&Chief Instructor

Posted By : wilfredlam
Date: Mar 28, 2017
Dr Wilfred Lam Chin Ting( Ph.D, MBA, PGD, FChFP, PDMS, CCFP, EDAM, CMFA, MCAMA, EDFP, CFAI, CFAA ) Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy Chairman Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy Chief Instructor Ving Tsun Athletic Association Senior Kungfu Instructor Email: wilfredlam@rocketmail.com Mobile: (852) 9040 8886 As an energetic kid and an enthusiast about Chinese kungfu when he was young, Sifu Wilfred started learning Wing Chun together with Sihing Chow Kwok Chun in 1970 before Chow migrated to the United States. In 1994, Sifu Chow Kwok Chung together with his disciples came to Hong Kong and visited Grand Master Ng Wah Sum. Sifu Wilfred Lam caught the attention of Grand Master Ng, who was willing to teach all he had to Sifu Wilfred at no charge. The following year,Sifu Wilfred started to learn Wing Chun from Grand Master Ng in a facility in Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, gaining all the technique from basic forms to knife and pole. Grand Master Ng had also awarded Sifu Wilfred with a valuable gift - two pairs of pole made of a rare and high quality of wood. In 2003, Sifu Wilfred Lam and Sifu Lam Kam Wing supported Grand Master Ng to teach Wing Chun in Ving Tsun Athletic Association. In 2004,Sifu Wilfred Lam accompanied Grand Master Ng to attend a Wing Chun kungfu seminar held by Sihing Chow Kwok Chun in New York. Since Grand Master Ng had no bias on any kind of kungfu, he introduced Sifu Wilfred to Taichi master Sin Man Ho to learn Ng's style Taichi kungfu.