Knees and tailbone clamping

Posted By : Michel Boulet
Date: Mar 16, 2014

 Depending on the type of Wing Chun we are practicing, a great deal of attention should be directed at these points. If we consider Wing Chun as an internal “soft” martial art, any physical tensions should be look for and avoided. All joints should be loose.

Starting from the bottom: The feet should not point too much inside. The knees should not be clamping inward like if holding something between the legs but should simply be kept in alignment with the feet. They should also be just unlocked. This also have effect on the ankles angle.

The tailbone/hips should be brought in only enough to be centered, like a weight suspended from a rope. The shoulders should be allowed to rest down naturally and not forcefully.

The elbow should be following in line with the hand in a natural movement.

Finally, the head should feel like suspended, making the neck and spine as straight as possible but without any rigidity and the breathing should be sent to the lower belly.

Practiced this way, the Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma becomes an effective Qi-Gong method, fully ready to be enriched by the Siu Lim Tao motions, using calmness and awareness.