Michel Boulet

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Michel Boulet

Bio Info:

Michel Boulet believes that the real mastery of Wing Chun is a life long endeavor, he maintains a humble and open attitude toward his art and does his best in giving his students as much personal attentions as possible.

His club has been founded in 2001. It provides Wing Chun practice in a safe and non competitive environment  with personal growth and self-defence as goals.

  • Michel Boulet and Sifu Patrick Gordon
  • Michel Boulet Sifu with certified students
  • Michel Boulet, Augustine Fong, Patrick Gordon
  • Michel Boulet & Sigung Augustine Fong
  • Michel Boulet & Student
  • Michel Boulet with students of the time and Ho Kam Ming
  • Knifes
  • Free style Chi-Sao
  • Chi-Sao
  • Practicing on the Mook Jong

Last updated: Sep 3, 2015

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