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I was born 1966 in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. I started training in 1981 as a teenager in the club of the late master Milan Prosenica for several years. He personally showed me the first chi sao techniques and drills. For about ten years (or more) I practiced in master Zoran Barac's club. For eight years I was a closed door student of the late great master Slavko Truntić, during which he taught me the form of a wooden dummy and various additional hand and leg techniques, butterfly swords, long pole techniques, chi sao, chi gerk and qigong. I was probably the last student, or one of the last, before he closed the gym. After that, I continued improving my Wing Chun with great master Zoran Barac, also ex student of master Slavko. In 2018, after completing my education at the Croatian Olympic Academy, I obtained the generic title of kung fu trainer.

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