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Mark McDonald

  • Years in Wing Chun : 42
  • Is a Sifu: Yes

about me

I began training in 1970 Black Belts in Wu Ying Mun Karate, Uechi-Ryu Karate and Daito-Ryu Aiki-jitsu, brown belt in Judo and Kendo. Kick Boxing training. Studied with Sifu Hung Yuen Chow beginning in 1980 spending fifteen years under his instruction. I taught Wing Chun for twenty-five years. I studied Jook Lum Praying Mantis, Tai Chi (yang, Sun, Chen), Sun Style Hsing-i and Pa-kua. Kun Tao Silat, Yong Chun White Crane. Spent a lot of time on I-chuan

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