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Dr. Janusz Szymankiewicz

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Janusz Szymankiewicz

  • Years in Wing Chun : 43
  • Is a Sifu: Yes

about me

Persons and materials confirming my position and status: - Yip Man Ving Tsun Genealogy (2005); Ip Man Tong Development Council Ltd. Page 17, 19; - Cliff Au Yeung, Ernest Hofler, Barry Lee, David Peterson; My Association: European Ving Tsun Athletic Ass. (Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech, China,) My School: Syma Jen Tientihui Ving Tsun Kuen Bolan Guan My web site: My students with the level of independent Sifu: Poland – Mariusz Pietkun, Radosław Mikołajczuk, Andrzej Urbanowski; Lithuania – Anatolij Grigonis; Belarus - Andrei Raiko; China – Lukasz Pieczonka; On your sites are without my consent, and most importantly without information about the source duplicated photos from Wong Shun Leung Sifu, which I was the author and to which I have copyright. I published them in my book (2012) Ving Tsun Kuen. The history and concept of the systems of fighting of Chinese secret societies. I wrote about it to you, but without reaction. Regards, Janusz Szymankiewicz

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