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Common Name Bio (continued on main profile page) Lineage Last Updatedsort ascending
Jim Lau Sigung Jim Lau I trained under my sifu, Jerry McKinley. Jim Lau was his sifu during late 80s and early 90s in Los Angeles area. Sigung Jim Lau had... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Sifu John Lapham John Lapham 梁云 I grew up learning Wing Chun in my home from my father. I have trained seriously for around eight years. I have been certified to teach and have been... Read more (Ip Man) Ho Kam Ming Nov 20, 2016
Lawrence Leung Chee Sing Sifu Lawrence Leung Chee Sing was one of Wong Shun Leung's first generation students. For many years he participated as one of Wong Shun Leung's... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Sung Lee Shaolin Monk, Sung Lee (Xiong Li) fled communist China for Korea after spending his life in dedication to Chinese Gung Fu , Toaism and Chan Buddhism... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Pierre Lambert Pierre Lambert is a 1rst TG in WingTsun and a student of Andreas Rampf, and teaches alongside Hugo Wüthrich (1rst TG), for more personal information... Read more (Ip Man) Leung Ting Nov 20, 2016
Eric Hall Eric Hall (Lee Yi Bing) Eric Hall began his martial arts training in his teens where he studied Tae Kwon Do and Kempo Karate for approximately 5 years. He would eventually... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Tim Lee (Right) with his former instructor Sifu Greg Yau. Tim Lee In 1996 Sifu Lee started training with Sifu Dave Mitchell for six years learning the whole Chris Chan style of Wing Chun, except for the pole form... Read more (Ip Man) Stanley Chan Nov 20, 2016
Donald Luedey Sifu Donald had been training in Wing Chun Gung Fu for over five years. He was previously an instructor under Sifu Rick Gonzalez at Heritage Martial... Read more (Ip Man) Ho Kam Ming Nov 20, 2016
 LoManKam Wing Chun Kung Fu Beijing, China  2008 Lee Kwan Wah (李冠华) Coach Lee has studied the entire Wing Chun system under Master LoManKam ( nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man, teacher of Bruce Lee ) directly in Taiwan.... Read more (Ip Man) Lo Man Kam Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Wang Kiu, Dennis Wetter & Jerome Lam Jerome Lam Sifu Jerome Lam is a private and direct student of Sifu Wang Kiu. Together with Sifu Wang Kiu and Sifu Dennis Wetter he founded the Wang Kiu... Read more (Ip Man) Wang Kiu Nov 20, 2016


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