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Common Name Bio (continued on main profile page) Lineage Last Updatedsort ascending
Luis Cisneros Mr. Cisneros has over 25 years experience in wing chun. Lineage from Ip Chun to Sam Chan to Luis Cisneros.He recently arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He... Read more (Ip Man) Ip Chun Nov 20, 2016
Ferdi Cakici I train since 2004 the Wong Shun Leung Lineage. Directly under Philipp Bayer i started to train in 2008. I have just a small traininggroup for... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Bruce Cheng 陈正信 Taught directly by Sifu Lo, Bruce mastered the three Wing-Chun Forms, the eight Wooden Dummy Forms, the Long Pole and the Butterfly Knives at an... Read more (Ip Man) Lo Man Kam Nov 20, 2016
Amy Chun Amy Chun (Chun Hoy Fong) has been a student of Grandmaster Fok Chiu for 15 years. She has followed Fok Chiu to all of the Hong Kong, Foshan, and... Read more (Yuen Kay San) Others Nov 20, 2016
Joe Chan Chun Tat not much information is currently available about  Master Joe Chan except that he is an authorised Chu Shong Tin disciple, please visit this link to... Read more (Ip Man) Chu Shong Tin Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Radoslav Curcic Radoslav Curcic Radoslav Curcic practising Wing Chun since 1996 and he is very talented disciple of sifu Nenad Koviljac with big ambition for learning, teaching and... Read more (Ip Man) William Cheung Nov 20, 2016
Roberto Chin Foo Roberto Chin Foo Chin Foo joined VTMTL under Sifu Darrell Carreon in late 2005Became an assistant instructor at VTMTL in 2010Respectively studied under Lian Yee... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
David Cheung GM David Cheung started his training under Wong Shun Leung .After completing WSL system he went to Australia and continued his trainig with his older... Read more (Ip Man) William Cheung Nov 20, 2016
Cheung Gung Little is known about Cheung Gung, as more info is found we will update this profile. If you have any further info to add please let us know. (Hung Fa Yi / Hung Suen) Red Flower Righteous / Red Boat Nov 20, 2016
Cheung Ng (Tan Sao Ng) Cheung Ng was one of the survivors that fled from the Manchurians when the Shaolin Temple was destroyed. Cheung Ng learned Yat Chum's system and in... Read more (Hung Fa Yi / Hung Suen) Red Flower Righteous / Red Boat Nov 20, 2016


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