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School Name Head Sifu Country Statesort ascending City Website Updated date
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Philippines Rhea Torres Castro Philippines Angeles City Jun 12, 2021
siu lim tao wing chun kung fu Stephan Bataloff France Tarbes siu lim tao wing chun kung fu Jul 10, 2019
UK Wing Chun Assoc: London Martial Arts Academy Mark Phillips United Kingdom London The London Wing Chun Academy Jul 29, 2011
Hertfordshire Wing Chun Kung Fu Tim Stanbridge United Kingdom Hertfordshire Harpenden Wing Chun Kung Fu Sep 19, 2011
RWCKFF - Romania WIng Chun Kung Fu Federation Didier Beddar Romania Bucuresti Sep 14, 2017
Beijing Ving Tsun Wang Zhi Peng China Beijing Dec 5, 2011
North Wales Wing Chun David McQuillan United Kingdom North Wales Wing Chun Aug 2, 2011
Kung-Fu Academy Mark Hobbs United Kingdom Caterham, Hailsham, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley and Croydon Jul 30, 2011
Donald Mak Int'l Wing Chun Institute-Romania Adrian Vasile Tautan United States Cluj-Napoca Donald Mak Int'l Wing Chun Institute-Romania Jul 23, 2011
Hamilton Wing Chun Sandy Teenan United Kingdom Hamilton Feb 4, 2020