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School Name Head Sifu Country State Citysort descending Website Updated date
International WingTsun Associaton - S.F. Branch Elmond Leung United States California San Francisco International WingTsun Associaton - S.F. Branch Sep 16, 2011
San Jose Wing Chun Ben Der United States California San Jose Oct 23, 2019
Rey's Wing Chun / Muay Thai Academy Rey Garcia United States California San Jose May 15, 2012
B & A White Tiger Kung Fu Academy/Wing Chun Kung Fu School Bobby Bridges Philippines Bulacan San Roque Oct 25, 2017
SMAMUEL KWOK WING CHUN IP MAN BRAZIL Rubens Pinheiro Brazil São Paulo São Bernardo do Campo Feb 9, 2012
WING CHUN - BRASIL Carlos Martins Brazil São Paulo São Paulo Aug 24, 2019
Sarasota Wing Chun Kung Fu Club Rene Ng United States Florida Sarasota Jun 14, 2011
Tang Yik Weng Chun USA Brian Taylor Williams United States Florida Sarasota Mar 19, 2022
Savannah Ving Tsun Michael Sampson United States Georgia Savannah Apr 18, 2014
World Wing Chun Canada Steve Ruiz Canada Ontario Scarborough World Wing Chun Canada Jul 10, 2011