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School Name Head Sifu Country State City Website Updated datesort ascending
Akademie Kampfkunst Ving Tsun Kung Fu Ralf Hellener Germany Baden-Württemberg Schorndorf Akademie Kampfkunst Ving Tsun Kung Fu Jul 4, 2011
WT-Academy Munich Hans-Jörg Reimers Germany Bayern München Kampfkunstschulen Dai-Sifu Reimers Jul 4, 2011
France Wing Chun Lionel Roulier France Bagnolet Jul 2, 2011
Tao Kwoon Wilfrid Raimond France Nice Jul 2, 2011
Cumberland Ving Tsun Studio Robert Teske Canada Ontario Orleans Jun 30, 2011
Ultimate Martial Arts Training And Fitness Centre David Galloway Canada Ontario East Bowmanville Jun 30, 2011
Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Ralph Haenel Canada British Columbia Vancouver Jun 29, 2011
Victoria Wing Chun Club Ray Van Raamsdonk Canada British Columbia Victoria Jun 29, 2011
Mountain Storm Ving Tsun Kung-Fu Dave Harris Canada Alberta Calgary Jun 29, 2011
Gustavo Pinheiro Wing Chun Gustavo Pinheiro Brazil São Paulo Morungaba Jun 28, 2011