Ving Tsun Schule Wiesbaden

Ving Tsun Schule Wiesbaden

Head Instructor: Oliver Grams

Website: Ving Tsun Delta

Phone: 49-179-1109560

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City: Wiesbaden


Country: DE

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Ving Tsun is not going to artistic or acrobatic movements, but only on the perfection of a few movements and principles will be encouraged. Ving Tsun has nothing to do with esoteric or similar, purely a struggle to master the situation is in the foreground.

As with any craft, it is also in Ving Tsun so that at first a solid foundation is created to build upon it. Not trials or rigid regulations determine the course of instruction, but only the quality of the movements will decide whether the student the next "step" can learn.

A cornerstone of the training is the practice of so-called forms (preset movement patterns), in which the principles of Ving Tsun included. The work with the students learned these principles in a special training method, called Chi Sao. The Chi Sao plays an important role in training and gives the students, if properly implemented, distance, feel, balance and quickness. Depending on experience arises from the so-called Chi Sao Sao Go (free Ving Tsun training match). All of this is the basis for the sparring, in which the student learns to move freely.