Yao-Lan Kungfu School

Yao-Lan Kungfu School

Head Instructor: K. P. Nataraj

Website: Yao-Lan Kungfu School

Phone: 91-974-470-7070

Address 1: Kallara South PO

Address 2:

City: Kottayam

State/Provience: KL

Country: IN

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more info:

Yao Lan Kungfu School is one of the most authentic kungfu schools in India.

Yao Lan is a division of K.S.W.K.F. (Reg.No.K332). Yao Lan Kungfu School is the most popular school in India , as well as the only school as of now teaching authentic kungfu in Kerala state, India . The school was established in 1989.

Kungfu, as a martial art, got popularity in India due to the wide spread acceptance and fan following martial art films had received in India . However, there was a lack of institutions offering opportunities for authentic kungfu training. Yao Lan Kungfu School was established with the aim of filling up this void, and professionalize as well as to popularize true kungfu systems in India . The school was established under the visionary leadership of SiFu:K.P.Nataraj.