Wing Chun Original Kung Fu Club of P.R.

Wing Chun Original Kung Fu Club of P.R. Sifu Jose Colon

Head Instructor: Jose Colón

Website: Puerto Rico / Florida

Phone: 1-787-531-9096 | 1-321-607-6114

Address 1: C14-Q7

Address 2: Urb. El Conquistador

City: Trujillo Alto

State/Provience: PR

Country: US

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more info:

Sifu José Colón started his Wing Chun training with Chung Kwok Chow's Kung Fu Club in late 1972. Sifu Colón participated in many martial arts events in The Town Hall and Madison Square Garden (New York City) in the mid 70's.

His 40 years of dedicated studies, practice, teaching and promoting of Wing Chun has made Sifu Jose Colón a true practitioner of this ancient art, as it was once taught by Grandmaster Yip man, Leung Sheung, Ng-Wah-Sum then Chung-Kwok -Chow.

Sifu Jose Colón, also "The Pioneer" of Wing Chun Original Kung Fu Club in Puerto Rico promotes the importance and necessity of maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul.