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Head Instructor: Alfredo Del-Brocco

Website: Brisbane Wing Chun - Home

Phone: 61-04-0999-9936

Address 1: Stretton State College, Junior Campus Corner Illaweena St & Gowan Rd

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City: Stretton

State/Provience: QLD

Country: AU

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Our Curriculum has 3 components, the first of which is self-defense. Our Curriculum will teach you everything that you need to know to be safe. We will teach you actual defense, self-defense techniques & drills that you can use if you were in a situation where you actually had to defend yourself or a loved one. We will also teach you strategic defense, teach you how to sharpen your instincts, heighten your awareness so you can avoid situations where you might have to defend yourself. One of our immediate goals is to give you a posture, a way of speaking, a way of making eye contact with people that will communicate two things. Number one, I am a nice person & Number two, I am not a person you can shove around.

Our second area of emphasis is physical fitness. This means getting you to a level of fitness that supports you. We will work on muscle strength, stamina : both aerobic & anaerobic, as well as your reflexes & coordination. It is not a crash course or an overnight fix, but a level of fitness that will comfortably stay with you for the duration of your training.

Our third area of emphasis is really what the majority of our members like the most about our Curriculum. This is what I call the Lifestyle component. It is the part where we will work on your self-confidence, your personal self-control, your positive thinking, your courage & perserverance, & your ability to focus your attention on goals that are significant to you. Working on these skills will empower you academically, professionally & socially.

But what holds all 3 parts together is just that it is totally fun. There are no ego's training in our School's, just fun, positive people all enjoying the benefits of Traditional Wing Chun as taught by Si-Fu Del-Brocco.