South Jersey Wing Chun Kuen Do Kung Fu Club

South Jersey Wing Chun Kuen Do Kung Fu Club

Head Instructor: John Longobardi

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Leung Sheung

Website: South Jersey WCKD Home Page

Phone: 1-609-432-6156

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City: Pleasantville

State/Provience: NJ

Country: US

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At the foundation of Wing Chun are a number of theories, scientific principles and techniques which are designed to afford the most benefit while using the least amount of physical energy. This scientific approach has resulted in an efficient and effective combat method that makes it significantly useful for real street combat.

The primary aim of WCKD is to develop effective combat skills through the diligent study and comprehension of the founding principles of the system so that we may effectively defend ourselves. To exercise our bodies and minds through the focused use of boxing forms, various drills and breathing techniques.  To cultivate our personal growth through meditation and the study of Martial Arts philosophy.